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National Pet Month

With many of us staying safe at home over the last year, breeders and animal shelters have seen a surge in demand for our furry and not so furry friends. From cats and dogs to fish and reptiles.

The PDSA revealed a survey in August 2020:

51% of UK adults own a pet. 10.1 million people (26% of the population) own a dog, 10.9 million people (24%) own a cat and 1 million people (2%) own a rabbit in the UK.

But with owning a pet comes great responsibility and finance including exercise, food, vet bills and insurance. More information on owning a pet can be found on the PDSA and RSPCA website.

Pets and animals can though bring great joy and independence and really do become part of the family but can also do great work including with Staffordshire Police and Assistance Dogs.

Here are some of the pets owned by our team:


First up is mud loving Teddy, a shih-poo owned by Claire our Operations Manager.


This gang is owned by Louise in marketing. Zoe the cockerpoo, Daisy the black cat and Lucy the tortie, who definitely lives up to her naughtie tortie name, she’s the boss! Both Daisy and Lucy were rescued from local animal charity Iris’ Cats in Need.

Zoe loves going for walks down the Salt Line, Wood Park and Lawton fields near Alsager and will greet anyone, human or animal.

I also sponsor a puppy for the Guide Dogs for the Blind and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.


Ozzy is owned by Security Officer Mark, “He’s very playful and cheeky, loves chicken and cheese and hogs the TV remote”


Changing it up a bit, this is Harley owned by Gav from our Environmental services team and his daughter Macie. “She is truly spoilt and loves to have a good play round the house”.


Next is Gwen, the fun loving pug, owned by Amy, our General manager, we love hearing Gwen snoring and seeing her on our Team calls.


This is livewire aquadog Dexter, owned by Andy our Technical Manager.



Lorna in our Business Support Team says “There’s never a dull moment with our Milo!”


This is Rosie, owned by our Commercialisation coordinator Helen, I don’t think Rosie could keep up with the mountainous and long walks Helen loves to go on, she much prefers her warm cosy bed.


We are blessed here in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire with some amazing countryside walks for our pets and ourselves. Click to see some of the best local walks.

Head to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and comment with your loveable pets and any tips or local walks you enjoy.

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