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Here’s where you’ll find all the services we have to offer at The Potteries Centre. If you still require assistance please use our contact form for any questions.

We welcome assistance dogs in the centre.  If your dog doesn’t wear a high-vis jacket or harness, it is sometimes difficult for our staff to recognise them so please make us aware.

Our terms and conditions for assistance dogs are:

Assistance dogs:

  • will not wander freely around the premises
  • will sit or lie quietly on the floor next to their owner
  • are unlikely to foul in a public place
  • access to assistance dogs is on a one dog per handler basis

You can find our Toilets on level 6, accessible by lift, escalator or stairs. We also have baby change, and accessible toilet facilities on the upper and middle mall by Ruff & Ruby.

Accessible toilets can be found on our upper and middle malls by Ruff & Ruby.

Another accessible toilet can also be found on Level 6, operated by a Radar key

Toilets and changing places facilities can also be found in the Market hall.

Our dedicated parent and child facilities can be found on level 6, these include a room for baby changing and private feeding. Bottle and food warming facilities can also be found here.

We also have some larger cubicles which can accommodate pushchairs in our ladies toilets.

Drop down baby changing tables can also be found in our toilets on the upper and middle mall by Ruff & Ruby.

You can find cash machines in the following locations:

  • Lower mall by Air Ambulance charity shop
  • Middle mall by Millie’s Cookies

Please speak to any member of our team if you have any queries.

Stay connected wherever you are in the centre! We offer FREE Wi-Fi to all our shoppers. Make sure you sign-up as soon as you get to the centre to start surfing.

We understand that managing your prescriptions can be time consuming so let the team in Superdrug do it for you with their free Repeat Prescription Service and free NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

We have photo booths located in the lower mall by New Look and the middle mall by Deichmann for all your passport photo needs.

The Post Office is located within WHSmith on the upper mall. Key facilities include mailing services, shopping returns, currency exchange, bill-paying and banking services, envelopes, packing materials, stationery and more.

The EV charge points are owned and managed by bp pulse.

We have 4 dedicated EV charging bays on level 3C (the outdoor bit) on the multi storey car park.

Welcome to bp pulse, the UK’s charging network. bp pulse gives you access to charge at over 7,000 charging points across the UK for just £7.85 a month, with 3 free months free subscription* for all new members.

Sign up 

You can use the bp pulse charge points without signing up? Just click on the live map, select the charge point you want to use, and you’ll be directed through to a payment page where you can start the charge and then stop it again once you’re finished.

The bays are clearly marked out in green.

Normal parking charges apply.

Joos provides power when you need it most.

Joos is simple to use, you can rent and return and power bank through five simple steps.

1. Download the Joos App

2. Scan the QR code displayed on the Joos Box

3. Take a power bank and charge on the move

4. Use the Joos App to find your nearest Joos Box to return to

5. Press the Return button & dock the power bank in an available slot with the flashing light



How do customers use Joos?
Rent a power bank in five easy steps:
1) Download the ‘Joos’ app from the App or Play store
2) Register an account and payment card
3) Scan the QR code to eject a power bank & charge on the move
4) Hit the ‘return’ button to drop the power bank at a Joos Box, anywhere
5) Payment is processed digitally at the end of rental period, added to the customer’s order history in app

How much does Joos cost the customer?
Renting a Joos power bank costs only £2 for the first hour and £3 for up to 24 hours.
If the customer wants to keep it, billing will stop after ten days – our app will bill them ten daily caps of £3 (£30 total), then it’s their own for good.

How does a customer pay?
Before a power bank can be rented, customers are prompted to link a payment card to their Joos account in the app. To make things easy, in addition to new cards, we accept cards that customers have pre-registered to their Apple or Google wallet too.

How fast does it charge a phone?
The speed varies depending on the size and condition of the phone’s battery. A good benchmark is the ‘iPhone X’ can charge to 80% within 60 minutes, and 100% within 90 minutes.

What happens if the customer doesn’t return the power bank?
Customers are encouraged to pick up a power bank at one Joos Box & drop it off at another, even between venues & destinations.
If the customer never drops it off at any Joos Box, after ten days it becomes their own – they’ll have accrued ten daily caps of £3 (£30 total), billed to their registered payment card. Customers can charge their new Joos power bank via the microUSB
port on the side.

What happens if the power banks run out?
Power banks will be in constant circulation between Joos Boxes, so don’t worry if they drop low one moment as they will likely fill up again naturally. However, our smart system notifies our support team to arrange replenishment – included in the
service at no additional cost. You don’t need to contact us, we’ve got you covered.

Are the power banks tracked?
Our power banks don’t have GPS tracking, but we can monitor a power bank’s journey between Joos Boxes, and which customers they are loaned to.

Does Joos have any anti-covid measures?
Yes, your Joos power banks are made of medical grade anti-microbial plastic to minimise the risk of viral transmission.
In addition, a state-of-the art quarantine system withholds each power bank between use until any viral agent has broken down.

What about customer support & maintenance?
We have 24/7 live chat in the Joos app – it’s the best way to offer customers all the support they’ll ever need.


Amazon Lockers

We have two Amazon Locker self-service kiosks where you can receive or return your parcels. Select ‘Flax’ as your Amazon location for the lockers down the escalator from The Entertainer to the lower mall or select ‘Koa’ for the lockers on the car park lift lobby level 2.

How does Amazon Locker work?

Amazon Lockers are self-service kiosks where you can receive or return your parcels. You can select a locker location and collect or drop off your parcel at a time that’s convenient for you. There is a charge of £1.99 to have an item delivered to the locker and the item will arrive the next day.

How do I start using Amazon Locker Flax or Koa?

Firstly you need to add Amazon Locker Flax to your address book:

  1. Click on this link or
  2. You’ll be redirected to the Amazon sign in page. When prompted, sign into your account.
  3. Once you’re signed in, we’ll automatically add the Amazon Locker address to your address book.
  4. Once the address is in your address book, you can select “”Dispatch/Return to this address”” during the checkout/returns process and complete your transaction as usual. All items must be eligible for delivery to a locker.


Once your parcel is delivered to the Amazon Locker, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with a unique pickup code. When you arrive to collect your parcel, enter your pickup code or scan the barcode using the barcode scanner and follow the instructions on the screen.

All parcels delivered to locker locations must be picked up within three business days. If you’re not able to collect your parcel within this timeframe, the parcel will be returned for full a refund.


To return an Amazon parcel via Amazon Locker, create a returns label using the Returns Support Centre. This will generate an email with your unique return code. When you arrive at the locker, enter your return code into the keypad and follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I find the Amazon Locker Flax or Koa?

This location is open 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday. For more information on Amazon Locker visit their homepage at

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